KATE SPACEK is an Artist; her medium is People. She designs and facilitates co-creative experiences that foster belonging, agency, and ownership. Each experience connects people, sparks new ideas, instigates relevant dialogue, and stretches what is possible.

Leveraging two decades in business operations, group facilitation, and event production, Kate amplifies the unique value of human creativity in unexpectedly innovative ways. The ideal project joins humans across cultures (race, class, gender, age), sectors, and disciplines - and includes elements of play and expression - that lead to real, sustainable results.

LUDIKA is Kate's platform for all things Playful - but don't be fooled... Kate has found that Play is a highly potent yet largely untapped tool to produce positive social impacts at the micro- and macro-levels. From urban game design and team-building workshops to youth development programs utilizing the fundamentals of clowning, LUDIKA brings creative workability and growth to even the most stagnant and distressed contexts.

Public imagination is born when diversity co-creates.

As Director of American Arts Incubator at ZERO1, Kate bridged program artists, the U.S. State Department, and overseas partners, participants, and Embassies to address social challenges via community-driven creative projects. And now Kate is focusing on programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond that position artists as community leaders who engage all humans to work together to solve problems that matter.

While living in Indonesia, she co-produced the highly-acclaimed TEDxUbud. She has co-produced interactive art-centric events for Red Bull, General Electric, and American Association for the Advancement of Science, among others, and recently co-produced Our City: Oakland, a public design festival. Kate finds joy co-creating with diverse groups, from students and artists, to civic and cultural organizations, to teams at Google.org and Autodesk.

Her work has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and various television, radio, and print media outlets outside the U.S.